12 Neighborhoods Across America That Are About to Blow Up

It’s about time we retired the phrase “The Brooklyn” of anywhere, right? First, because most people in the country can’t relate to New York-centric references. And second, because when it comes to gentrification and being “the next cool place,” Brooklyn is pretty much over.

But what are the next cool, mildly affordable neighborhoods just waiting to be overtaken by young creatives? Sure, there are plenty of sexy ‘hoods, bro-ish ‘hoods, and even hipster ‘hoods, but let’s be honest, they’re all pretty much played at this point. And more importantly, they’re all too expensive for anyone without a trust fund or investment-banking job.

Which is why we decided to tap trendsetters, developers, and real-estate professionals — folks with their fingers on the pulse of America’s cities and towns — for their predictions of the country’s next hotspots; neighborhoods that are affordable now, but poised to blow up. From the South Bronx to Sioux Falls, here are the 12 they chose.

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