31st Long Beach Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade draws thousands to celebration

The 31st Long Beach Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade kicked off on a perfect sunny Sunday morning and drew a crowd of thousands from all over Southern California.

For many, the parade was the ultimate occasion to celebrate relationships with family, friends, significant others and the community.

Dan Soto, 63, and Leonard Hinzo, 58, celebrated their 10-month wedding anniversary by riding in one of the parade entries — a car for The Shops at 3rd and Elm.

“We’ve been together for 28 years,” Hinzo said. “We’re going to celebrate our 29th anniversary, but it’s our first year being married.”

Soto said he and his husband have never participated in the Long Beach Pride Parade before.

“It’s been in our bucket list,” he said. “It’s a joy to be here, a dream come true.”

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