Bar Mattachine, a gay craft cocktail bar, opens downtown Friday

Bar Mattachine

Bar Mattachine, a gay bar with craft cocktails, will open in downtown Los Angeles on Friday. The two-story lounge joins a small but growing group of downtown gay bars that includes the New Jalisco Bar, Precinct and Redline.

Bar Mattachine, owned by Vianey Vee Delgadillo and Jigger Mercado (Bar 107, The Down and Out, The Little Easy) and Garret McKetchnie (formerly head barman at 1886, Cole’s) will be located at 7th Street and Broadway.

The bar’s name dates back to the 1950s, when Harry Hay and the men of the Mattachine Society, and the women of the Daughters of Bilitis, lived openly gay lives and led protests to support gay rights.

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