“Gay Coachella” set to take West Hollywood as LA Pride focuses on music


West Hollywood’s L.A. Pride Music Festival & Parade aims to become the premiere annual music festival in Los Angeles.   If you were looking for Madonna or Liza Minnelli to perform, forget about it.  Just maybe they will be in the audience, jumping up and down to some great EDM :).

Formerly a more grassroots, LGBTQIX community based event that blended a civil rights rally with a variety of entertainment — including a heavy emphasis on current music — it has been transformed this year (some would say high-jacked) into a unabashedly youth oriented, high-energy, well-produced and, some say, very pricey commercial venture, so pricey that West Hollywood City Council saw the need for a ticket subsidy program.

Gone are the small mom and mom vendors, the cheap concessionaires and booths pushing local LGBT or community media.  This year the only vendors on site will be a handful of local non-profits and large booths for major sponsors like Delta Airlines.

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