Getting To Know The San Francisco LGBT Community Center


Yesterday, we introduced Castro readers to the new Strut, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s new space. But another LGBTQ-serving organization has been a longtime fixture nearby: Open since 2002, the San Francisco LGBT Community Center at Octavia and Market was established with the aim of providing programming and services for all members of the LBGTQ community under one roof.

While the political landscape for LGBTQ citizens has changed dramatically since the Center’s early days, most notably with this year’s Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage, there’s still a need for support services and employment assistance. “We’re in an important time in our movement, where the community and our allies are starting to focus on equality in employment, housing, and all the vital areas impacting LGBTQ people every day,” says Clair Farley, the Center’s associate director of economic development.

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