Life Beyond Therapy: How to have a happy summer

Summers are supposed to be happy, right? Carefree, easy, laid-back … and yet, so often they are not. This column is about how to make this summer one of your best ever. Let’s start with:

Lower your expectations … of everyone. For example, don’t think you have to lose weight to go swimming, or that if you don’t get laid during Pride that you’re a loser. Don’t expect your friends to be perfect. In other words, welcome reality. Know that some days will feel better than others, some people will disappoint you and some days you’ll disappoint yourself. Forgive yourself (and others) and do your best to move onto something else.

This may not be your best time to take a vacation. If you prefer cheaper hotels, swimming pools not crammed full of screaming children and avoiding swarms of other tourists, summer may be a good time to stay in town and do stuff you’ve always wanted to do; museums, nice restaurants, exploring East Village or North County.

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