Nation’s First City Where Tourism Recognizes the ‘T’ in LGBT

2015-01-09-E6B906EC2DB366887F088B95233B4419.jpgThere has been a massive and much-needed wave of news regarding anything having to do with that often neglected sub-group within the LGBT acronym. Transgender awareness is finally stepping forward in this country and much of us are learning exactly what it means to be transgender. Transgender actors, like the extraordinarily talented Laverne Cox, who has garnered so much attention not only for her superb acting, but also for her activism, are becoming a household name. It’s about time the “T” is getting some time in the spotlight, as often it’s just been a disregarded letter attached to a label that was meant to encompass a group of differences and different types of people. It’s easy for anyone or any business to say they are LGBT friendly or a place for LGBT people, but are they truly taking into account what that means to those who are transgender? Just because a place is safe and friendly for gay, lesbian or bi-sexual individuals, doesn’t mean it’s also a welcomed place for those who fall under the “T”.

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