Palm Springs’ celebrity legacy, past and present

Shelley Fralic: Palm Springs’ celebrity legacy, past and presentThe first is that the Elvis Presley house is on the market, up for auction actually, on Oct. 25. This is not the futuristic House of Tomorrow where Presley and his new bride, Priscilla, so famously honeymooned in 1967, although that house hit the market earlier this year for $9.5 million, but the house that the couple bought in 1970 for $105,000 with $20,000 down when daughter Lisa Marie was two and when Palm Springs offered a relatively quiet respite for the rich and famous.

This is the house that came to be known as Graceland West, and was so blissfully removed from the chaos of celebrity that Presley even listed himself, E.A. Presley, in the Palm Springs phone book.

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