Rehoboth Beach Museum honors history of CAMP Rehoboth

A new exhibit at The Rehoboth Beach Museum features items that illustrate the history of CAMP Rehoboth. The organization, whose name is an acronym for Create a More Positive Rehoboth, was founded 24 years ago. CAMP Rehoboth is an LGBT community service organization that has grown from its original small office on Baltimore Avenue which published a four-page newsletter to a nationally known organization with a long list of services, activities, events and programs. The once-modest Letters from CAMP Rehoboth newsletter now runs anywhere from 88 to 120 pages per issue.

All are invited to visit the museum to view past issues of the newsletter, and photos and T-shirts from the early days of the organization. The shovel used to break ground for the new community center is on display, as is a bumper sticker stating “Keep Rehoboth a Family Town,” a tangible example of the tensions in the community that led to the founding of CAMP Rehoboth. Also on display is a framed ceremonial copy of Senate Bill 121, which added the words “sexual orientation” as a protected class under Delaware’s nondiscrimination laws.

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