Rehoboth Beach: The LGBT Summer Playground

Poodle Beach by M.V. Jantzen

Rehoboth Beach is ready for the summer beginning with the 4th of July weekend. Ever since Memorial Day, crowds have been coming to the beach and enjoying all Rehoboth has to offer. The one-mile boardwalk and white sandy beaches are ready and waiting. As always, holiday weekends bring the bigger crowds but all summer long Rehoboth has the wonderful feel of an old-fashioned beach community. Not counting the 133 outlet stores you pass on the way to town.

For those who have never been you should know Rehoboth is gay friendly with many gay owned and operated businesses. But the town isn’t all gay. The City Manager is a lesbian and was formerly the City Manager of Provincetown but I suggest not trying to compare the two beach towns. They each have their own charm.

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