Rental car devices take a toll on customer satisfaction

Frequent business traveler David Frisbie says he’s “very wary” of rental car companies’ toll-collection devices after what happened to him last year.

Frisbie, of Del Mar, Calif., rented a car from Avis in Tulsa and paid a $4 toll in cash on the Oklahoma Turnpike. When he returned the vehicle, his bill said he owed $12.75 for the toll and a convenience fee for using the car’s toll-collection device.

“By keeping my paper receipts, I was able to get the toll charges removed from my bill, and it probably helped that I’m an Avis elite member,” says Frisbie, a family counselor and author. “But it was frustrating that the existence of the automatic-billing device and the amount of the convenience charge weren’t disclosed when I picked up the car.”

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