Road to the Altar: A Romantic Weekend in Boston

Kit Williamson

On Valentine’s Day, John and I decided to take a day trip from New York to Boston. It was the coldest February 14th on record for the city, with temperatures hitting minus 9 and a windchill of minus 36, but we weren’t going to be deterred—we were on a mission to have the most romantic day possible, since we were going to the birthplace of the American Revolution to pick out our wedding rings. It was also a nice break from the frantic planning leading up to our wedding at the end of the month; less than two weeks to go and panic was starting to set in. We’d tried to keep our wedding small and easy but were quickly finding there’s no such thing as a small and easy destination wedding in Palm Springs.

It’s very convenient to get to Boston from NYC by plane, high-speed train or bus. We chose to take the bus because, like I mentioned, we were planning a wedding, and didn’t want to fall into financial ruin. It was a little over four hours on the Megabus, which felt a lot quicker because there were outlets and wifi on board. After we agonized over which picture to Instagram for an embarrassing amount of time, we wrote the ceremony for our officiant and finalized a few last minute wedding details.

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