The power of three words – Almost 2 million ‘One Human Family’ stickers distributed

JT Thompson coined the philosophy “One Human Family” in 2000 after spending four years trying to come up with the perfect phrase to unite all people.

“The first time I got the idea was in 1976 at an anti-Anita Bryant demonstration in Hollywood, CA. (Anita Bryant was an outspoken opponent of equality for homosexuals) when hundreds of African Americans from the NAACP arrived with a banner showing opposition to discrimination… and most of them were not gay,” said Thompson. “I realized minorities are kept politically separate, but if minorities stand up for each other and march side by side, we are a great force. I walked with the NAACP in that rally as the only white person in sight and felt tremendous power in the support of my brothers and sisters of color. We are all in this together and we must stand with each other when anyone faces discrimination.”

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