The Wonderful Land of Las Vegas

When those of us that live in Los Angeles think of Las Vegas, we think of a cheap excursion to a land of bright lights, alcohol and gambling. Sure, some of us hit the outlets or travel exclusively to see a show like Celine Dion (or Shania Twain coming in December!), but what we might not realize is there is a burgeoning gay community among amazing restaurants, luxurious spas and high-end hotels, most of which are surprisingly affordable and gay-friendly. While Las Vegas would certainly seem like the quintessential gay mecca, this popular tourist destination is not known for its gay culture, which is why many of the hotel/casino chains are investing their advertising dollars to focus on the gay community. This is not simply a way to tap into the market of men and women who have disposable income, but a way to promote the hotel chains that have always welcomed the gay community despite the gay community not noticing.

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