Vogue ballroom culture endures in Philadelphia with new generation of dancers


Strike a pose.

Twenty-five years after Madonna’s “Vogue” video and Jennie Livingston’s “Paris is Burning” documentary, you’d expect voguing to have gone the same route as the electric slide: a novelty dance style reserved for embarrassing wedding videos and high-school proms.

Alas, that hasn’t been the case. Or at least not quite.

Voguing, a highly stylized and runway-model-inspired dance born out of Harlem house ballroom culture from the 1970s (or earlier, depending on who you ask), still springs up on television shows, in music videos and in Facebook feeds everywhere in the form of viral Channing Tatum voguing GIFs. And while it might be in limbo as neither the most popular dance of the day nor the most under-the-radar, its presence in Philadelphia still persists from when dancers first trickled here from New York in 1990.

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