What’s L.A.’s Quintessential “Gayborhood”? A Pair of Web Series Have Different Takes

Jimmy Fowlie (center) flanked by the cast of Go-Go Boy Interrupted

Within the realm of gay Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Silver Lake are like the Sharks and the Jets. One is a community of party boys and twunks (the portmanteau of twink and hunk, for all you basic heterosexuals), characterized by their chiseled physiques and designer tank tops. Contrastingly, the other is an edgier, more bohemian realm that prefers tattoos and scruff over Diesel jeans and washboard abs. And, like the rival gangs of West Side Story, these two diametrically opposite social spheres have long engaged in a turf war, specifically over the mantle of L.A.’s most quintessential gay neighborhood.

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