‘Zumanity’ tries new things to spice up its Vegas relationship — PHOTOS

“Zumanity” is the one Cirque du Soleil just never got quite right. It has seen a lot of tinkering over the years, but the biggest change came in 2011.

That’s when “Absinthe” opened at Caesars Palace.

Suddenly, the “adult Cirque” not only had competition in its odd market niche, but a rival which made it look easy to whip up a decadent cabaret show. “Absinthe” blended raunch comedy and acrobatics in a way Cirque had struggled for years to achieve.

Granted, the two shows are wildly different in tone. “Zumanity” still basks in Champagne class while “Absinthe” is Jager-shot crass. A sensual bubble bath versus a backseat quickie. But “Absinthe” was simply more fun. “Zumanity” still seemed self-consciously artsy and weird.

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