Find Healthy Food on Your Road Trip (There’s an App for That)


No more Bob’s Big Boy. Pass on the Perkins. Can the Cracker Barrel.

The day has finally come that the all-American road trip can be filled with healthy choices to eat instead of fast food and Cheet-os. Thanks to The Eat Well Guide®, a multimedia website co-founded by the GRACE Communications Foundation, the days of eating at a greasy spoon are over with a shift to wholesome and healthy fare. Besides, who likes driving with orange fingers anyway?

The ‘”sustainable culture” website makes it easier those Jacks (and Jills) hitting the road in the quest to see America while eating well. All from your iPhone, you can find fresh, healthy, local food options in between seeing the largest ball of twine or Corn Palace.

The site strives to help travelers find good food and support local farmers, restaurateurs and others who are doing their best by their customers, their workers and the planet. They personally vet every business that goes into the Guide, and never charge or accept money in exchange for inclusion.

The Guide’s thousands of listings include restaurants, farms, farmers’ markets, stores and more. Search by location and/or category, or check out our city guides to find tailored listings for restaurants and other sustainable vendors in cities across the US.

You can either track your highway itinerary based on which locally grown feasts are roadside or just get in the car and drive finding your sustenance along the way—sounds like a old-West wagon trail to us—,either way you won’t be left hungry or feeling sluggish from deep-fried foods.

If you’re planning to be “On The Road Again” soon, head on over to The Eat Well Guide®. Just make sure you drive carefully and happy trails!

Photo by Flickr user KayVee.INC used under the Creative Commons Attribution license