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Everything you need to gay up your vacation.

Durham, A Different Side of North Carolina

Seven Stars Cycles photo courtesy of the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau (DCVB)

Remember when North Carolina passed a law limiting protections for LGBT people? Well, nobody told Durham. The Bull City is not only a liberal bohemia in a fairly conservative state, but it also has one of the most well-established LGBT scenes in the U.S.. Everything from the city’s Gay and Lesbian Film Festival to NC Pride to decades old LGBT hangouts like The Bar, establishes Durham as a perfect LGBT destination, and, with hotel search trivago ranking it among the best “value destinations” in the U.S. for LGBTQ travelers, it’s also ideal for a cheap vacation.

So what all is there to do?

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Sports Leagues for Gays

Spring has finally fully sprung! Now, it’s time for you to put on those Under Armor shorts and hit the fields to play ball.

Whether you’re a novice or a few more practices away from heading to the Olympic trials, most cities have club leagues for all levels, even if you just want to be an athletic supporter. And if you’re like us, when you’re traveling it’s fun to just go watch the gays play — with picnic in tow.

Here is our round-up of the best queer-friendly sports leagues across the country. Keep in mind, some of these are just social teams, so regardless of interest, you can play kickball, volleyball, softball, flag football, bowling, or darts with like-minded folks. And hey, you have a strong chance of catching a trophy or at least a trophy husband. Win-win.

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Summer Travel Later Means Spring Fitness Training Now

Spring is the time of rebirth and inspiration and can be very exciting but the stress of bathing suit season — just 8 weeks away — can be daunting. Don’t worry, you still have some time to get that summer pool party, beach bash or street festival bod.

Starting your fitness plan now will not only ensure you get an ab by Memorial Day but can also build healthy habits that will stay with you beyond Labor Day.

When it comes to eating right and hitting the gym regularly, “slow and steady” wins the race and your body will thank you. Follow these tips for the perfect summer travel bod.

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Warm Up: 3 Spring Events for the LGBT Crowd

Forget the below-zero days, defrost the bathing suit, polish the leather harness and add these spring happenings to your calendar.

Here’s our guide to the hottest gay and lesbian spring parties of 2017:

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Cool Gadgets for the Gay Traveler

Long gone are the days of just packing a backpack or suitcase with a few changes of clothes and a toothbrush to explore a new city. It’s almost imperative that we include a mobile phone to stay connected, find our way throughout our destination, and share our favorite snaps on Instagram, but lately, the tech doesn’t stop there.

Thanks to some genius, creative (and some gay) minds, there is always new gadgets to keep our travels safe and enjoyable, not to mention making it easier to be a road warrior (and get on Grindr).

Here are the hottest new toys to remember when packing that extra pair of socks (and charging cords).

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Pedal Pushers Not Required: How to Cycle Around Your Favorite City

There’s more to exploring a city than hopping in a car to get to the nearest attraction. Get around like a local and try out the public transit — well, the public bike transit.

It’s a hell of a lot cheaper and you might actually have a few more stories to tell when you get home. It’s also one of the coolest ways to see a new city. So, hop on a bike and pedal around to see the sites. Added bonus: It’ll burn some extra calories from the cocktails the night before and might even tone your legs. Win-win!

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America’s Hottest BDSM Events

Grab your hanky and favorite piece (pieces) of leather since the season for donning a harness among hundreds of other hunky men clad in their best gear is upon us.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the Hanky Code (left from right or your blue from green from yellow from red,) these events are made for the hardest-core to the beginner. Some even welcome new-comers to the scene as most in the community are willing to educate and spread awareness without judgment.

Check here for the hottest BDSM events across the country, just remember to bring an open mind.

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Three Off-The-Beaten-Path Spring Destinations

According to the calendar, spring is coming and this means you deserve a break to celebrate a new season and, well, just get out of town!

And we’re not thinking one of those Spring Break trips from your college days. You know the ones, the Boys Gone Wild types of trips with lots of skin and a pickled liver from all the drinking. Not that that is a bad thing, but we figured it might be time to class it up a little and act your age.

So, instead of Cancun or South Padre Island this is a great opportunity to try out a new destination and pin a new city or try a new hotel.

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It’s Always Presidents’ Day at These Patriotic Attractions

Presidents’ Day may be over, but there’s no need to mourn. The US is all about keeping it red, white and blue to bring in those greens (read: tourist $$$.) So, we’ve picked the best attractions to prolong your Presidents’ Day fun a little longer.

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President’s Day: Any Excuse for a Long Weekend, Right?

February 20th is not just a Monday that you can recover from a Sunday fun day without co-workers asking for reports or help on projects, it’s the one day that you can honor the top job in America and the 44 men that held the office until now that actually made America great.

Most cities know that you most likely have the day off, so the gayborhoods are filling the weekend with fun activities to make sure that we can have our fun despite nightmarish politics. Check some of these out:

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