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The Top Five Thanksgiving Sites to See in Plymouth, MA


Whether you’re prepared or not, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This mean’s it’s high season for crowded airports, full flights, and flaring tempers. Still, let’s take a moment and think about what happened at the end of the ultimate journey that resulted in the original Thanksgiving.

Before the fourth Thursday of November was known for copious amounts of turkey and fixins, football, and the Macy’s parade, it was a peace-offering meal between the Native Americans and Pilgrims who traveled from Europe.

We know the first pilgrims landed in Provincetown, Massachusetts, spent about 5 weeks then decided it was too gay and headed off to Plymouth Rock (kidding, sort of.) Ok — we made the gay part up but we do know the Pilgrims first landed in PTown then about 5 weeks later sailed for what is better known today as Plymouth, Massachusetts.

If you’re planning a little trip to pay homage to where the first Thanksgiving was held, here’s what to see and do in Plymouth:

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7 Tips: Thanksgiving Travel Survival Guide


You’ve read plenty of how-to-get-by holiday guides, I’m sure, but you can’t be too prepared. Thanksgiving is certainly a wonderful holiday, filled with food and family. It can also be a time rife with stress, spats and sour apples — and not the kind in the pie. I hope to make your travels a little more bearable with these tips:

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Flying The W All Year Long


Last week, we know that most if not all televisions in Chicago’s gayborhood, Boystown, tuned into the Cubs’ World Series Game 7 win in Cleveland. We also know that on Friday the city’s revelry hit a fever pitch as 5 million people — gay and straight — celebrated the Cubs’ ending a 108-year World Series title drought.

Now that the party has settled down a bit (will it ever fully, though?) and the confetti along Lake Shore Drive and Grant Park is cleaned up there are few places sporty gays can go fly the W all year long. Try these:

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Hey, Chicago, Whatdya Say? Lets Celebrate a Cubs Win Today!


Okay, basically, all of Chicago is going nuts for a win that has been 108 years in the making — and of course that includes the queers in the Windy City’s gayborhood, Boystown, who are Wrigley Field’s neighbors.

Even if you don’t put on a blue and red jersey, this historic milestone for Chicago’s northside team is something that should put a smile on anyone’s face today.

While the World Series Championship parade details are still in the works, here are a few things we know:

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Scare your Pants Off This Weekend


Here is your final chance to get bone-chillingly terrified at America’s spookiest haunted houses (and one actual haunted house.) Whether it is an abandoned hospital or just a house of ghostly haunts, grab your gaggle of gays and head to one of these. And if you’re looking for a perfect date night, you can always hold your partner’s hand tighter or even throw your arms around his shoulders when the fright happens.

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Halloween Fit for a Queen: LGBT Parties, Festivals, and Happy Haunts Across the U.S.

Halloween Carnival 2011 City of West Hollywood, CA

Halloween is next week! So, this can mean only one thing — it’s time to grab your costume and head out on the town to celebrate. However skimpy or politically driven your disguise portrays, make sure you plan to show off your spirit. There are plenty of events from coast-to-coast and here are a few to get you in the mood.

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Key West: Fantasy Now, Always



Ernest Hemingway wrote, “Everyone behaves badly — given the chance.” Yes, old Ernie knew Key West.

The southernmost island of everyone’s favorite archipelago lures travelers year-round. A come-as-you-are spirit, tropical atmosphere, beautiful landscaping, crystal water and clothing-optional attitude — what’s not to love? Key West means happiness.

Always ready for a party, Cuba’s tiny neighbor amps it up during Fantasy Fest, a 10-day, no-holds-barred fête filled with costumes, body paint, drinking, dancing, life loving and skin aplenty. I consider it a high holy day (lowercase; no offense here!) and fly south for it every year, meticulously planned outfits in tow. The celebration — themed “Political VooDoo & Ballot Box Barbarians” for 2016 — is going down right now.

Headed to the bash? Here are the highlights. Wish you were going? Keep scrolling down to the anytime suggestions for your off-Fest getaway.

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Seven Easy Halloween Costumes to Show Your Wanderlust


You guys, Halloween is right around the corner and if you plan on just reverting back to an old costume idea, think again. There are plenty of spooky, gory, fun and even sexy disguises that are easy to complete on a time (or money) crunch. If you take any advice, please just leave the “Sexy Ken Bone” costume to the more basic party-goers. Here are some travel-inspired wears:

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Hit the Road, Jack: California Colors


All this month, we’re taking you on a road trip. Bid your city and your stresses adieu. Grab some friends, jump in the car and take the scenic route with us. Find brilliant little stops, surprises tucked away, and tips to make the road trip experience complete. Do you already have a favorite road trip that you took? Let us know!

Hard to believe it but fall is here! Hot and steamy summer nights make way for colorful days and cozy evenings.

Fall follows summer, meaning beach memories and tan lines remain fresh, but you’re ready for vineyard tours, bonfires, and foliage drives with your special someone. Now’s the perfect time to plan a long weekend or week — you deserve it! — exploring a gay-friendly city and its surrounding Technicolor countryside towns.


California dreamin’ in color.

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Hurricane Matthew Airline, Train and Bus Travel Updates

plane rain

If you’ve got any hope of traveling into or out of the southeast during Hurricane Matthew, jot down your airline/bus/train information and stay closely tuned to their updates through these channels:

American Airlines: Website and Twitter

Delta: Website and Twitter

Frontier: Website and Twitter

JetBlue: Website and Twitter

Southwest: Website and Twitter

Spirit: Website and Twitter

United: Website and Twitter


Amtrak: Website and Twitter


BoltBus: Website and Twitter

Greyhound: Website and Twitter

MegaBus: Website and Twitter