Scare your Pants Off This Weekend


Here is your final chance to get bone-chillingly terrified at America’s spookiest haunted houses (and one actual haunted house.) Whether it is an abandoned hospital or just a house of ghostly haunts, grab your gaggle of gays and head to one of these. And if you’re looking for a perfect date night, you can always hold your partner’s hand tighter or even throw your arms around his shoulders when the fright happens.

New York City

Blood Manor is 5,000 square feet of haunted goodness in Manhattan’s Hudson Square neighborhood. A simple trip on the 1, C or E train will have you and your friends screaming all night as you traipse through scene after scene of hair-raising horror.


House of Torment is two attractions in one. The Frenzy and Nightmare High will get thrill-seekers a double dose of screams as revelers move through a contagion theme or zombie themed house to elicit goosebumps.

Los Angeles

Alone: An Existential Haunting is one of the only haunted houses where the staff can reach out and touch you. While this can be frightening in its own sense, this element adds a real approach to haunted houses. Fear, loneliness, and self-preservation are all on the dance card for the evening, so prepare yourself.

Fort Worth

Touted as the World’s Largest Haunted House, The Cutting Edge sends scare-seekers through a century-old abandoned meat packing plant and will take about 55-minutes to get trough the entire attraction – if you make it to the end.


A little north of Miami, Enigma Haunt showcases three different terrifying themes to scare visitors into submission. Using the mysteries of the Everglades as a backdrop and bringing to life Floridian legacies that were handed down from generation to generation. The scares truly come from not knowing whether it’s fact or fiction.

San Jose

Winchester Mystery House a house that is a bit more on the real side. The firearms heiress house is as authentic as they come and this year the site has opened two new rooms to spook any doubters. With regular ghost sightings, staircases leading to nowhere and doors that open to a two-story drop, this is one house to ensure you don’t bring home any unwanted souvenirs.

Photo by Flickr user Kevin Tao used under the Creative Commons Attribution license