Seven Easy Halloween Costumes to Show Your Wanderlust


You guys, Halloween is right around the corner and if you plan on just reverting back to an old costume idea, think again. There are plenty of spooky, gory, fun and even sexy disguises that are easy to complete on a time (or money) crunch. If you take any advice, please just leave the “Sexy Ken Bone” costume to the more basic party-goers. Here are some travel-inspired wears:

Flight Attendant

Here is your opportunity to go super butch or paint your face and try your drag talent. Obviously, a male flight attendant is a bit easier with make-shift epaulets and your favorite airline’s wings, but a super-mod dress and a matching pill-box hat can make a great drag costume, fabulous!

Rio Carnival

If you’re looking a bit more destination-themed, there are few costumes that top the sexiness factor than bringing the flavor of Carnival to the streets of your hometown. Think short shorts, vibrant colors and lots of over-the-top feathers to give the illusion you stepped out of the Sambadrome.

Australian Life-Saver

There’s little doubt that the Aussie accent is sexy, so a costume that embodies everything that is great about Bondi Beach would hit the spot. Life-savers (lifeguards) from down under sport skimpy swimwear and iconic red and yellow caps to identify them from the crowd. Oh, and bronzed skin is a must, so reach for the self-tanner.


Just because you don’t come from Texas, doesn’t mean you can’t rock a ten-gallon hat, jeans, and a giant belt buckle! It might be one of the easier costumes to pull off (not like that), so it might be nice to create a fun story about how you rode the trails all week to make it to the party. Or even make your cowboy a zombie that has been searching the plains for some brains.

International Spy

Have dark sunglasses? A long trench coat? Well, consider this Halloween complete since you can throw on a thick Russian accent along with these items and tell secrets and lies to get your next cocktail. It might be even more fun the change your nationality throughout the night to throw people off your track.


Even when we’re traveling, we still see travelers wearing socks with sandals, huge cameras around their neck and their loudest floral shirts and shorts. So why not go for this look and make everyone giggle when you speak loudly and want to snap a photo of everything! And we mean EVERYTHING!

Customs Agent

A common site in the arrivals hall of any international airport is the Customs Agent, essentially a navy blue police uniform with a few different patches. A fun twist on this costume idea is to use your own dog as part of your attire by draping a simple red blanket over their back with the word; CUSTOMS on both sides. Maybe your pooch will even sniff out a hottie for you.