TSA Approves Pies In The Sky


Who knew, the TSA does have official positions on certain holiday foods, like cranberry sauce and pies. Hint: cranberry sauce is not allowed. Pies are allowed, even if they’re Rhubarb and weigh more than three ounces.

Agency spokeswoman “Social Media Mary,” told me today:

“You can bring pie as long as it goes through the X-ray at the security checkpoint. We do suggest you take it as a carry-on item so it doesn’t get squashed in your checked luggage.”

If you’re still a little worried about what holiday foods you can and can’t bring onboard a plane, check out TSA’s list of prohibited items.

And if you plan on visiting us, please bring pumpkin pie.


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Photo by Flickr user Kimberly Vardeman used under the Creative Commons Attribution license