12 things to do in New York City before you die

Considered this generation's Central Park, the 1.45 miles of reclaimed railroad track is testament to urban beautification efforts. According to a recent book, there are 100 things to do in New York City before you die.

We’ve collected 12 of them here.

All are located in Manhattan, unless noted.

1. Sing karaoke at Arlene’s Grocery

You can’t play a guitar like Jimi, you can’t sing like Freddie and yet you dream of being a rock star like Bowie.

Especially when you’ve been drinking.

Sound familiar?

Since 1996, this former bodega has been one of the primo showcases for local bands in NYC, and on Monday and Friday nights, their famous karaoke band gives accountants, baristas and repressed librarians a taste of the limelight.

Even if you don’t have it in you to take the stage, the drinks are cheap and the people watching ranges from “wow” to “that’s hilarious” to “what a train wreck.”

But no matter the level of talent, the entertainment factor goes to 11.

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