2017 Summer Travel: LGBT travelers rave about riding the rails

LGBT train travelers rave about the scenic views and calming rides.

There was a time when travel was romantic; those about to embark on a trip often donned their best clothing while service providers pulled out all the stops with freshly prepared meals, cocktails and entertainment. Those days are long gone now that airlines have turned their focus to simply moving as many bodies packed in as tightly as they can, but if you have time on your side, the romance of travel can return this summer.

There are many who argue the romance of train travel never fully disappeared. We don’t have hoop-skirted women waving handkerchiefs on smoke-filled platforms anymore, but the promise of vast swaths of beautiful countryside still remains.

Vidalia resident Holly James has been traveling cross country by train with her wife four or five times a year since 2007. For her, train travel is all about the relaxation of a slower pace.

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