A group trip to Vegas? Plan it right now!

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign courtesy of Las Vegas CVA

Planning a 40th birthday party? Getting married to your longtime companion? Looking for the ultimate bachelor or bachelorette party where the boys will only want to see boys? As for the girls, well, they tend to opt for the more refined fun than the boys.

The Vegas Strip can be crazy to navigate. Vegas is so big and so exciting, and there’s so much to do. Where is one to start when you are “The Travel Top?” ( Note: “The Travel Top” is the one that is charged with doing all of the travel organizing for your group while the travel bottoms enjoy your great effort and planning. )

This column resulted from a friend who called me to ask, “How do I plan my partner’s 40th birthday in Vegas? It had to be fun and affordably over-the-top but gay with a touch of Vegas fabulous.”

So I turned to my secret inside Vegas guru, who cannot be named. He is so inside, so expert, so “in-the-know” that I am forbidden to reveal his identity. He is my Vegas secret but in this month’s column, I am sharing his secrets with you.

His first piece of advice is that the best gay parties in Vegas are Sundays, so extend your weekend. Don’t rush home!

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