A Newbie To Nudity? My First Visit To INNdulge Palm Springs, A Clothing Optional Resort

I’m not a Palm Springs newbie–far from it. My friends and I take at least one annual group vacation to Palm Springs to enjoy a long weekend of sun, fun, and frolic—generally from the comfort of our pool in one of the massive  houses we rent for the occasion. Based on that, I think I have a pretty solid idea of what to expect. We’ll grab drinks at Hunter’s Video Bar or Toucan’s. I’ll inevitably grab a massive pastrami sandwich from Sherman’s Deli (with or without the knowledge of my comrades), and we’ll likely have a nice dinner out.  Steak Diane at Melvyn’s, anyone??

But that’s not all Palm Springs has to offer. Palm Springs, long a haven for the gays, also happens to be the site of various clothing optional resorts that specifically attract gay male clientele.  Now, I don’t consider myself to be particularly prudish or modest, but I’d never visited a clothing optional resort.  That all changed with my weekend stay at INNdulge Palm Springs.

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