A shift in ownership kickstarts a revamp at Share Nightclub

With closures plaguing LGBT dancefloors over the past few years, Share Nightclub has gained a bigger audience while remaining fairly consistent in its programming. Now, gradual transformation will abound as new owner and California residential/hospitality developer Chris Rosas assumes responsibility of the dance spot and adult cabaret. (The building remains a Vista Group holding.)

Some management and staff changes have already occurred. A slight remodel—ending with a New Year’s Eve grand reopening—will take place over the next few months, with a larger revamp planned for 2016. The calendar looks similar to last month’s, but that could change by NYE, though Rosas says Friday’s popular Stripper Circus is here to stay—as are the underwear-clad dancers who offer lapdances upstairs, provided things stay “classy.” And speaking of upstairs: Popular bartender Cody Milligan will be awarded his own Friday/Saturday soiree on the second level called, ahem, Cody’s on Top, which may or may not coincide with future changes in that area of the nightclub.

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