A Shore Thing: Asbury Park’s offbeat boardwalk reflects the town’s renewed vitality

Boardwalk patrons mill about near the Asbury Park Convention Center on a recent summer day. The Asbury Park boardwalk, which has been through a boom and bust cycle over the decades, is decidedly on an upswing, setting itself apart from other Shore boardwalks.

One Jersey boardwalk is much like the other, right?

Rides, games, plush animals, pizza. As with that other great local institution, the Jersey diner, the menu seldom varies.

With one exception. The Asbury Park boardwalk, these days, is unlike any other on the Jersey Shore.

“MOGO Korean Fusion Tacos.” “Crepe Shop.” “Summer Yoga by the Sea.” “Delicious Organic Wraps.” The signage tips you off, right away, that you are not in Snooki-land. And there’s more.

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