Angry Bears Expose ‘Beach Bear Weekend’ Fraud

In January, SFGN revealed that the organizer of this year’s Beach Bear Weekend, Craig Jungwirth, was the target of civil restraining orders by circuit courts in three states, had been evicted by his landlord in Wilton Manors, and arrested for stalking charges in Broward County.

But Jungwirth then told SFGN that he had dropped out of the group, and had “nothing to do with it anymore.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Since the original article appeared raising issues over the group’s actions, Jungwirth has orchestrated an Internet selling campaign furiously promoting the weekend. But some say fraudulently would be more like it.

“What Jungwirth is doing,” local resident Jeff Black said last week, in an email sent to media and local officials, “is perpetrating a fraud and theft on unsuspecting people thinking they are going to come to Fort Lauderdale for a great weekend…but the truth is he is tainting our community, acting alone, not part of an organization, and doing it with bullying and threats.”

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