Being Gay is Beautiful in Philadelphia

Based on the news cycle, you’d think LGBT people all lived in a sparkly version of hell. It’s true that in many ways, being queer can suck, but besides dealing with a whole lot of crap, LGBT people are living beautiful, diverse lives in a variety of cities across the world. Our photo column “Being Gay Is Beautiful in…” explores this idea, showcasing photos of a different city’s LGBT community every week to display how being queer is fucking awesome.

This week, we look at the lives of Matthew Krebs and Gian Paul Graziosi in the City of Brotherly Love. Both students at UPenn, which was this year named by Playboy #1 party school in America, these two have only lived in Philadelphia for a year. So, these are pictures of a couple finding out how being gay in Philly can be beautiful. So far, they’ve noticed a divide between the school’s community and the city at large, and have discovered that urban agricultural projects are a huge draw for the queer community.

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