Downtown’s Urban Lounge Aims to Fill Black LGBTQ Nightlife Void

In February, the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada hosted a panel discussion addressing the state of the black LGBTQ community—its history and progress and its hopes and needs for the future.

At the center of the discussion: how to build togetherness, and the factors that have delayed widespread unity. Panel participants and audience members mentioned a shortage of black-oriented LGBTQ groups, their inability to get the word out and general apathy, but another key issue seemed to be a lack of gathering space. Promotions geared toward black community members at mainstream gay nightlife venues haven’t lasted long. One panelist recalled Wednesday nights at Angles, which closed in 2002.

Most would argue one night a week is underserving the black LGBTQ demographic. The Center’s February event marketed its new Black LGBTQ meeting group, which certainly helps, but what might be even more promising is the upcoming addition of Urban Lounge.

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