Gaycationing with Dogs in Provincetown

I love NYC but the summer heat and humidity leaves me melted so it’s no accident that my family has developed a tradition of ” gaycationing ” in Provincetown, Massachusetts a beautiful legendary gay beach town on the very tip of Cape Cod. Not only is Ptown (as its lovingly called) known for being really gay, but also incredibly dog friendly which is perfect for us since I prefer vacationing with our canine kiddos whenever we can. I love seeing rainbow, leather, and bear pride flags flapping off of restaurant awnings and from flagpoles. This month was our third year going up to Provincetown and it’s definitely my top pick for vacation spots for lesbians looking for fun in the sun with a canine sidekick!

Each week during the peek summer season is themed with a variety of different parties and events catering to various subpopulations of queers.  By chance we ended up in town for the end of bear week (so much love for the Bears!) and during “Girl Splash” week so I’m guessing there were a lot of Curve readers around town!  We rent a little cottage on the far East end of town where things are quieter and didn’t go to any events or parties but they are definitely around and easy to find if that is something you are interested in. Our family spends most of our week out on the beach relaxing. One of the best things about Provincetown is that everything is so dog friendly! Here are a few of my favorite must dos with dogs while in gaycationing:

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