How to Take Advantage of Free Hotel Perks To Keep Vacation Costs Down

While finding an inexpensive rate at a hotel in a major city or popular tourist destination is often not easy, many of them now offer many free noteworthy perks.

Many hotels now reward patrons for helping them be more environmentally friendly, such as cutting down on the number of times they replace your towels and linens with freshly laundered ones. At Aloft hotels, if you forego the daily housekeeping service, they compensate you with a $5 card that you can redeem at their 24-hour store for snacks, water and other items. If you stay multiple nights, Aloft offers the second night at 40% off after you pay the full rate for the first night.

Hotel Abri in San Francisco and the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Mich. also provide $5 Starbucks vouchers to those who choose to not have their room serviced and want to be eco-friendly, which can help you cut down on costs for breakfast or snacks.

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