Is The Provincetown Carnival Losing Its Queerness?

Provincetown Carnival 2015

The best week to be in Provincetown is the week of Carnival. The parade is its signature extravaganza.

While many would contest that any week in P’Town during the summer months is a carnival, the official date is always week thirty-three—this year it was from August 15 – August 21.

The 2015 Carnival theme was Candy Land, and what the theme evoked for revelers and tourists alike varied widely and wildly.

“I’m looking forward, as always, to seeing how people take the loose theme Candy Land and go with it on parade day….Candy may rot your teeth, but for the next week, you have permission to indulge in all the candy you like. Let the sweetness infiltrate your bloodstream and brighten your mood,” Rebecca M. Alvin, editor of “Provincetown Magazine” wrote.

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