LGBT travellers: Being gay should never inhibit a love of travel – or the love for your partner

Expectations of a “romantic break” vary enormously. But whether you are in the first flush of romance, honeymooners, or looking to rekindle an old flame, everyone should feel free to show affection on holiday.

To mark the first anniversary of same-sex marriage in England and Wales this week, Further Afield, the gay-friendly accommodation website that I launched five years ago, carried out a snap survey of its gay and lesbian subscribers. We asked them whether they would now feel more able to be romantic in public on a honeymoon in the UK.

More than 90 per cent said they would not, with many respondents explaining they were still very cautious about kissing and cuddling in public. So, while the change in English and Welsh law is welcome, there’s still a long way to go to shift social attitudes.

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