Op-ed: Gay Nightlife Is Dead — Long Live Gay Nightlife

Almost 2,000 guys are lost in the spectacular music. They stomp their feet, sip their drinks, close their eyes, and lift their hands in the air to the glorious beat. No, this isn’t a scene from Queer as Folk or even Roxy Saturdays a decade ago. This is the visual you can expect at our current weekly gay dance party, VIVA Saturdays at Stage 48 in New York’s newest gayborhood, Hell’s Kitchen.

As you can probably imagine, it is very difficult for me to read the recent avalanche of articles mourning the death of gay nightlife after I sip my margarita and try my best to squeeze through the three jam-packed dance floors at VIVA. From where I’m standing, gay nightlife is doing just as well as it ever did. It’s even doing better in some respects.

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