Opinion: LA Pride — Let’s March On

Members of the greater Los Angeles chapter of the American Veterans for Equal Rights in the 2015 L.A. Pride parade. (Photo by David Vaughn)

The decision last week by Christopher Street West to make major changes in its plans for next month’s LA Pride festival was an encouraging sign that its leadership is listening to the LGBT community. Craig Bowers and Chris Classen, effectively the leaders of CSW, may have stumbled on this one. And the changes they are making won’t satisfy all of CSW’s critics. But there’s little time to do much, given that the parade and festival are only three weeks away. Bowers and Classen, however, are smart men with a passion for the LGBT community, and they have the business acumen it will take to get CSW back on its feet for the long run.

So let’s drop the threats of demonstrations and boycotts and consider what CSW should start doing on June 13, the day after LA Pride.

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