Provincetown: America’s First Destination for All Seasons

When Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage ten years ago in 2004, Chris McCary and John Sullivan left their home in Alabama for Provincetown, planning to be among those in line for a marriage license on May 17. From Boston, they drove to the tip of Cape Cod and arrived just as the day’s first light washed over the blue waters and white clapboard houses of Provincetown harbor, where nearly 400 years earlier the Mayflower Pilgrims first landed in the New World, also seeking freedom.

This spring, Provincetown will commemorate a decade of marriage equality with a number of celebrations throughout the month of May, adding to the appeal of visiting this seaside destination before the summer fun heats up. Spring means warming sands, stunning sunsets, and leisurely strolls along Commercial Street. The town’s award-winning accommodations offer attractive prices, and guests are treated like locals as Ptown’s renowned shops, galleries and restaurants open their doors to the sidewalks to welcome visitors.

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