Queerest Cities in America, 2016


You already know that Fort Lauderdale and Palm Springs are the LGBT-est places in the union. This list checks the queer quotient in the rest of the country.

Illustrations by Michael Wertz

The Criteria

1. LGBT Film FESTs

2. Non-discrimination protections in adoption

3. Muscial Tours: 1 point for each tour of Janet Jackson, Ariana Grande, Carly Rae Jepson, Madonna

4. Chapter of the national LGBT Chamber of Commerce

5. Openly queer mayor

6. Workout: 1 point for each SoulCycle studio, Barry’s Bootcamp studio, Shaun T Beachbody event

7. LGBT sites on the national register: 1 point for each

8. Gay bookstores

9. Places with landmarks that went rainbow for marriage equality: 1 point for each location

10. Scream Queens/American HorrorStory viewing parties

The raw score is divided by the population to provide a ranking based on a per capita LGBT quotient.

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