SF’s Oldest Gay Bar, Gangway, Biting The Dust Soon


Another one bites the dust, and this one’s sad. One of the more charming remaining gay dives in the vicinity of Polk Street and the Tenderloin — one of only two remaining holdouts, in fact, from the bygone era when Polk was a hustler-filled gay district — has apparently been sold to straight owners, and seems likely to close very soon. Gangway, which has been a gay bar since at least 1961, and has been a bar for 106 years straight, since 1910, was on the market as of about six months ago according to Tablehopper, and via a liquor license license transfer application dated January 6, it looks like a bar called Daddy Bones may be the next business to take over — or at least that’s the working title right now.

As Ms. Tablehopper also notes, the new owner is a company with the ominous name of Breaking Chad, Inc. UGH.

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