Sun destinations for gay and lesbian seniors

  Olivia always charters the entire ship (or buys out the whole resort) for its vacations, and while guests range in age from their early 20s to their 90s, the average age on Olivia’s riverboat and adventure trips skew toward the 60-plus set.Even more than in the mainstream world, most ads and visuals that promote LGBT travel feature a bevy of fresh, youthful faces. But statistically, one in eight Americans (12.8 percent in 2009) and nearly one in six Canadians (an estimated 15.2 percent in 2010) are 65 or older. With the tourism industry seemingly focused on the young, where is an older LGBT person to go when temperatures sink up north and it’s time for some winter sun?

Well, ads for gay getaways are not always completely ageist. There is one sector of the travel world that does take the needs of grey gays into account. Cruise lines have always courted older customers, and that holds true in the LGBT arena. Gay men are spoiled, with a flotilla of enticing options to choose from.

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