Ten Reasons: Young Gay Men Should Visit Key West


Two of my friends (Noah and Montgomery) approached me a few months ago and were asking my advice on some gay destinations. They are in their early 20s, live in West Hollywood, and on a budget, so I knew the location needed to be some place here in the United States. They explained they were looking for a place where they could really relax, but also have some fun as well. I was pretty shocked they did not know much about the history of gay destinations such as Provincetown, Fire Island and Key West. It made me sad to think that the younger generation could be losing touch with these places that are deep-rooted in gay history. After looking at all their options, they decided on Key West, which seemed perfect because it is widely known as the first popular gay destination spot. All of this talk about their vacation got me excited and I decided to join in the fun.

We had such a memorable time, so I decided to do this list:

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