The Pride Series; Rehoboth Beach, DE


This season more than ever, the month of June, typically “Pride” month, means just that much more. I thought that rather than just dedicate one month to Pride, I would recognize other communities throughout the United States that are diverse, LGBT friendly, and have made their communities a true destination for the LGBT community. And of course, the many ways that they are demonstrating their Pride.

Rehoboth Beach, DE is a perfect representation of a community that has weaved a wonderfully diverse LGBT community into the fabric of their town. A large part of this progress can be attributed to Camp Rehoboth, a non profit community service organization that is, as their site explains is “dedicated to creating a more positive environment in Rehoboth Beach and it’s related communities”. Their publication, Letters, continues to promote a multitude of businesses in town, working closely with many of them to advertise their events and feature them “up close and personal” perspective. Letters has become the essential bible for all things Rehoboth Beach. (

One of the best things I have noticed about Rehoboth Beach is their diversity. You can see two wonderful men walking down Rehoboth Ave. with their daughter the same as you can see their heterosexual counterparts doing the same. The LGBT-geared businesses are mixed in wonderfully with the more straight themed ones, making a community in the truest sense of the world. The women have no problem getting down on the dance floor right along with the boys, and many of the dance floors in town have a mixed crowd on many nights. Communities like this one are not only can they be proud of their individual communities, but they can be proud that all of them have merged together in the best interests of the town.

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