The VICE Guide to Austin: Neighborhoods We Tolerate

In the midst of its rapid rise as a city of importance, Austin is still trying to figure out how to define itself, not just compared to other cities, but the areas that comprise it. Yes, everyone knows The Drag, and Dirty Sixth, and the other main booze-and-food strips people seem to frequent. And yes, while the city has its official list of “districts,” you’ll have to do better than saying “Old West Austin” or “Judge’s Hill” when talking with others. Everybody knows Clarksville’s where all the rich people live, and Hyde Park’s classy in that old Austin way. But everyone seems to have a personal, and personally revealing, opinion about the Realtor®-friendly use of SoCo for South Congress. And do all the new shops on South Lamar mean that it counts as its own area now, too? More often than not, navigation and bearing-gathering revolves around singular places. This being a young person’s town, those singular places are more often than not coffee houses, bars, or taco shops. Oh, you live by Paco’s Tacos? Gimme 20 mins. Ugh, yes, traffic on I-35 just keeps getting worse.

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