This Is the Gayest AND Most Trans Place in America

You logically guess that San Francisco, with its queer life centered around the Castro, is the gayest place in the United States. Or that the world below 14th street in rainbow flag-waving New York City is the most trans place in the 50 states.

But the gayest and most trans place in America is neither a city nor a state. It’s Washington, D.C

According to perhaps the most definitive study on such matters, Washington, D.C., has more LGBTQ residents by percentage of its total population than all other famously progressive U.S. territories, including California, Oregon or Hawaii.

The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law estimates that 10.8% of D.C. residents identify as LGBT in some way. That makes the District almost twice as gay, queer, bi, or lesbian as the next state or territory (Vermont at 5.8%) and almost three times the Institute’s estimated national average of 3.8%. A Gallup poll seems to support these findings. 

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