‘Twisted Vegas,’ a French parody of Sin City, to open at Westgate


One of the most unusual and unique shows to hit Las Vegas is set to open Feb. 9 at Westgate Las Vegas, and the star of “Twisted Vegas” admits that it’s a huge gamble that has whiplashed other foreign entertainers in the past.

When you think of famous French imports to America, you might come up with fabulous food, chilled champagnes, wondrous wines and the Statue of Liberty. But soon Alex Goude, a popular French TV star (he’s known as the Ryan Seacrest of Europe with not one but seven TV shows) will showcase his new production “Twisted Vegas.” He’s already planned a second Las Vegas show, a magical one without magic.

Knowing that European comedy doesn’t translate well onto the American stage, especially in Las Vegas, Alex has smartly partnered with Las Vegas entertainer juggler Michael Goudeau, who was Lance Burton’s onstage sidekick for nearly two decades at their Monte Carlo theater.

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