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Unmasking Mardi Gras: Your Comprehensive Guide to 2024 Gay Mardi Gras Events in New Orleans

Travel Tips | Jim Werner | January 6, 2024

We’re about a week into the new year, and a whole bunch of people are wondering how in the world they’re gonna summon the motivation to stay positive through the rest of January, let alone winter. But fear not, because I’ve got the answer: Gay Mardi Gras Events.

You may be totally aware that Mardi Gras in New Orleans is coming up very soon … on February 13th in fact. But did you know today is the start of Mardi Gras season. It’s Twelfth Night! Today officially marks the end of Christmas and the start of Mardi Gras season. It’s also a day when your resolution to eat healthier goes out the window with the forthcoming influx of king cake.

The importance of Mardi Gras for the LGBTQ community cannot be understated. This annual carnival offers a unique platform for self-expression, freedom, and acceptance. It’s a time when barriers are broken down and identities celebrated. And it’s also a time when the already vibrant and colorful culture of New Orleans is amplified tenfold, allowing the LGBTQ community to thrive and flourish openly.

Mardi Gras not only provides a festive environment where individuals feel safe and accepted, but it also fosters unity and solidarity among community members. From annual extravaganzas thrown by gay Mardi Gras krewes to block parties that invite you to leave your inhibitions at home, every day of gay Carnival is an opportunity to show up as you are, wherever you are.

Overview of 2024 Gay Mardi Gras Events in New Orleans:

Mystik Krewe da la Rue Royale Revelers Twelfth Night Party
January 6, 2024

In the tradition of Carnival, Twelfth Night marks the start of the season’s parades and festivities. And let me tell you, the Mystik Krewe de la Rue Royale Revelers knows how to kick it off with a bang! Picture this: a night of grand, gay jubilation at the Mardi Gras Museum of Costumes and Culture.

Mystic Krewe of Apollo’s 21st Annual Ball
January 13, 2024

The Mystic Krewe of Apollo de New Orleans’ events have become the stuff of local legend for their elaborate and mesmerizing costumes. With the theme for this year’s 21st-anniversary event announced as “Tony, Tony, Tony — a night of Broadway,” it’s sure to be a night of jaw-dropping performances and show-stopping glamour.

Mystic Krewe of Amon-Ra’s 59th Annual Ball
January 28, 2024

Scoring an invite to this fancy ball is quite the honor! But let me tell you, those lucky enough to attend this fabulous formal affair are in for a treat — a Mardi Gras tradition that’s been going strong for nearly 60 years! So, if you want to experience this Carnival extravaganza, you better become a member or befriend one. Trust me, it’s a show-stopping fantasy you don’t want to miss out on!

Krewe of Petronius Ball
February 3, 2024

The world’s oldest gay Mardi Gras Krewe is back for another amazing night of queer resilience. Can you believe this Krewe has been uniting the LGBTQ community since a time when anti-gay laws were just about sodomy? Talk about dedication! They’ve weathered the storm and kept us all together, even when it was risky or downright tough. Let’s raise a glass to their unwavering spirit and celebrate their triumphant return!

Armeinius Bal Masque LV
February 9, 2024

Since the 1960s, the Krewe of Armeinius has staged elaborate balls that showcase a full tableau of queer artistry, invention, and community. Everything from the outlandish and satirical to the formal and refined feels right at home in this legendary Bal Masque, which continues to sell tickets to the public to pass on the history and grand tradition of gay Mardi Gras.

Lords of Leather Ball
February 11, 2024

At Lords of Leather Ball, there’s only one rule: no casual attire allowed. It’s all about leather outfits, flamboyant costumes, gowns, and tuxedos. Join the krewe that caters to the gay leather community and breaks down stereotypes. We promote education, raise awareness, and dismantle stigmatization of this often-overlooked (and misunderstood) queer subculture. So, unleash your bawdy side and let’s have a fabulous time together!

Mardi Gras Day
February 13, 2024

Take to the streets in all your queer glory for the citywide celebration of Gay Mardi Gras aka Fat Tuesday. Parades, dancing, indulgences, and more await you at nearly every stop, and the best costumes of the season will be on full display.

Bourbon Street Awards
February 13, 2024

Gather at noon on the corner of Bourbon and St. Ann streets, in the heart of the city’s gay and lesbian district, for a block-party that dishes out awards for Best Drag, Best Leather, Best of Show and more. It has been called “the most famous drag-queen contest in America,” and it has been going on for more than five decades.

The Official Gay Mardi Gras Bead Toss
February 13, 2024

The climax of the gay Mardi Gras events experience is without a doubt the Official Gay Mardi Gras Bead Toss. Thousands gather as the Krewe of Queenateenas’ reigning King Cake King and Queen take to the balcony of the Ambush Mansion for a bead toss that will have the queer community leaping, grabbing and cheering. This is one you won’t want to miss!

In conclusion, Mardi Gras is much more than just a series of parades and colorful beads; it is a prime example of how a community can come together to celebrate diversity and inclusion. It serves as a reminder that despite our differences, we can all come together to celebrate love and acceptance. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience filled with music, culture, and most importantly love, then look no further than Mardi Gras in New Orleans. And hey, why not take it one step further? Book a trip to NOLA and see for yourself what makes this event so special.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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And let’s be honest, that’s pretty darn gay.

Sign up for emails from Fagabond for advice, reviews, and deals to make your vacation as gay as you are.

And let’s be honest, that’s pretty darn gay.

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