Three Off-The-Beaten-Path Spring Destinations

According to the calendar, spring is coming and this means you deserve a break to celebrate a new season and, well, just get out of town!

And we’re not thinking one of those Spring Break trips from your college days. You know the ones, the Boys Gone Wild types of trips with lots of skin and a pickled liver from all the drinking. Not that that is a bad thing, but we figured it might be time to class it up a little and act your age.

So, instead of Cancun or South Padre Island this is a great opportunity to try out a new destination and pin a new city or try a new hotel.

St. Petersburg

Flamingo Resort is the place to let it all hangout and show off the hard work from a winter in the gym with pool parties, hot tubs, and cocktails. Just a quick trip to Tampa Bay to soak up the surf, this could be the best fun you will have. The Garage is always open pouring drinks and entertaining the boys or if you want to go a little more risky head on over to GayStPete House for a charming clothing optional B&B.

Santa Fe

Head on to the desert for some sand, sans surf. Boasting, on average, 300 days of annual sun, this Southwestern city will make for a great retreat despite the calendar. With a relaxed vibe, the cafe culture is perfect to turn the phone off and enjoy nature and any one of the hundreds of art galleries that the quaint city showcases. Guadalupe District is a great place to hang it the homos and if you don’t find a piece of work here, head on over to Pink Adobe Dragon Room Bar for a few drinks. For a little slice of Americana, head on over to Route 66 for Garbo’s @ Rainbow Vision or Harry’s Roadhouse.


Take a step back in time with some Antebellum architecture in this deeply Southern town. For some gay-owned B&Bs, head on over to the River Street neighborhood which is stumbling distance from the myriad of bars and clubs that use the river as a perfect backdrop for an eventful weekend. Shake your groove thing at Club One and the Bar Bar or go a little more “local” at Planter’s Tavern at Pink House. One thing not to miss is one of the haunted tours and Savannah is known to be the home of plenty of spirits (and not the drinking kind).