Traveling This Week? Be Prepared.


This week will see the busiest travel days of the year — the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after. As such, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. As in, it’s time to take care of some things right now. Like, as soon as your done reading this post.

Don’t forget:

Check. And double-check!

Whether you’re flying or driving or taking a train, there are always a few tiny details easily overlooked. Like, have you chosen your seat — window or aisle? Are you able to check-in to your flight now and haven’t?

Follow your airline on Twitter.

Doesn’t matter if you’re over Twitter and all about the snaps. Trust us — you do not want to be the person in line asking “what’s going on” when something like a computer system outage happens. Guess what, they tweet about this stuff, so stay on top of it.

The major US airlines: @AlaskaAir@AmericanAir@Delta@JetBlue@SouthwestAir@United

Bookmark the FAA delays page.

Its title is simple — Air Traffic Control System Command Center. This info may be exactly what you (or those picking you up from the airport) are looking for.

And, you know, have a great trip. Hope you enjoy the dark meat.


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Photo by Flickr user Eric used under the Creative Commons Attribution license